X is for eXhibition

Stop by Lost & Found (2383 Agricola St.) to see artwork by the best person: Rachael Parsons

here's a bit of the press release I wrote for the show:

What You See is What You Get is the 3rd art show Halifax's Rachael Parsons has exhibited at Lost & Found. This show is an extension of the completely absurd yet totally familiar characters of Parsons' subconscious. The portraits evoke strange repressed memories of that guy you always saw at the bus stop and your friends Aunt that went out for cigarettes and a can of Pepsi and never returned. The show consists of Parsons' drawn/painted portraits and hand-puff-painted t-shirts. What You See is What You Get may imply simplicity, but there is a depth to the work and the artist that cannot be ignored, only imagined.

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