M is for Movies

Felt lucky to watch Poetry by Lee Chang-dong the other day. Its a story about an aging and stylish woman who signs up for poetry class at a time when she is forgetting common nouns. She struggles to write a poem but is stoic about her Grandson's involvement in a tragedy and her diagnosis of Alzheimer's. Its a beautiful film, and a pleasure to watch actress Yun Jung-hee

L is for Little 

Someday, oh yes, someday I will visit the Miniature World in Victoria BC.
K is for Kitchen 

I can't believe I hadn't heard about My New Roots by the time I heard about My New Roots. It is the ideal cooking blog for delicious and healthy food from cook Sarah B, there are amazing vegan and raw options as well as winter warming remedies and the most thoughtful and informative nutritional details.
Here's a link to the Reader Recipe Challenge pdf just compiled that will inspire some dishes featuring root vegetables.  

J is for Japan 

I love getting a glimpse into some sweet cafes and shops of Japan via Natural Days : ) 
I is for Interiors

Lately I've had a real fancy for wooden objects, this fancy has been fulfilled many times by the photos on Ashley Rose Helvey's blog. These are images from her home, I love the sun bleached look of the wood, natural and functional furniture-sculptures.
H is for Happiness

I've been keeping busy, and am proud to present The Periodical Project.
This is a digital version of the striking newsprint which features emerging Halifax art. The inaugural issue's theme was Economy and was distributed to the masses during Nocturne.
Not only does the paper showcase the thought provoking and eye stimulating work of 13 local artists, the Arts Directory listings are a the perfect accompaniment showcasing the depth of art in our community. This online issue is great especially with linking web action, but if you have a chance to get your hands on a printed copy it's really the best medium for the work. (Lost & Found will have a stack soon :)
Chris Foster and I curated the paper, I am not worthy of his amazing partnership but will happily revel in it !
Our next submission deadline is Dec 15th with the theme Light/Dark. contact theperiodicalproject@gmail.com for more information.