W is for Website

I just made an internet discovery: Your World of Text is a grid of text on a webpage that can be edited and added to by any person who visits the site. I found it through Miranda July's links and after adding to her page I decided to create one for ABC de Natalie. So please feel free to go and write or draw things with letters, click anywhere you like on the screen to start writing and navigate around the infinite space by clicking and dragging in different directions.

* the photo has nothing to do with this post, it's from a Chanel shoot by Stephen Shore...it's weird when you see a favorite photographer shooting ads but it makes sense I suppose...

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  1. i just took a look at stephen shore's website and i must say, i do enjoy, i do enjoy thoroughly.

    i like how he uses space and architecture in his photos. the environment seems to be as much a part of the picture as its subject without it just being the back drop. very interesting how he does this.

    thanks for that natalie!