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My amazing friend Noah Pink does many amazing things. This past May, his film ZedCrew premiered at the Directors Fortnight at the Cannes film festival. Noah and cinematographer Christopher Porter shot ZedCrew in Zambia with a cast of non-professional actors essentially playing themselves in a hip-hop themed film where three young Zambian men aspire and conspire to be big time rappers in New York City.
I asked Noah to collaborate with this month's M is for Movies post by providing a retrospect of his (and my girlfriend Holly's) experience at Cannes...

In 2007, I bought a pair of Persol sunglasses that cost me 15% of my net worth. To be honest, I have no idea what I was thinking. I don't have a shopping problem, I almost never buy new clothes and I usually stay away from anything priced in Euros. But these glasses, well, they spoke to me. When I brought them home, nobody particularly liked them. Actually, I'd say 'hate' is a proper word in this case. So I had to defend myself, saying 'Imagine we were on the Riviera, driving a '68 Corvette and I was wearing these. Get it?!' Nobody did. After two years, I tried to sell the glasses, but nobody wanted them. I was stumped.

But then this past May, I had the opportunity to prove my Persol theory in flesh, on the Riviera itself! The convertible was replaced by a miniature scooter, but hey, it was enough. Off to Cannes!

In two words, Cannes was overwhelmingly special. It was especially special that we were able to get my lead actor, Alvin Fungo to come up for the screening as well. It was his first time out of Zambia and Cannes was his first impression of Europe and 'The West.' Just like the magazines and movies. Oops.

The festival itself is absolute mayhem. Thousands of journalists, thousands of film people, hoards of spectators and hopefuls. It was an exploding piƱata of too many incredible screenings, too many late night parties (yachts? got onto one, though I had to sneak on), too many espressos and way too many producers promising nothing in their everything all day long.

The director's fortnight crew was so nice and accommodating all the way through. They even secured Alvin a couture tuxedo so we could walk the main red carpet the night after my screening. And my screening was pretty darn memorable. I was lucky because a young french film star, Louis Garrel, was screening his 45 minute film next to my own, which meant we could fill a theatre. That was nice. Holly fell in love with Louis, had lunch with him on a rooftop overlooking the croissette, heard stories of Georgio Armani and got Louis' e-mail address, so all in all, I think the trip was a success :)

* Amazing! Thanks Noah! xo

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