L is for Little

"I have two sisters and two brothers and my mum is pregnant. This is the kitchen and that's all my family in one room."

"I like my woollen carpet and I like my computer, but the mouse makes eggs inside the house. Sometimes I feed the rats, although they keep coming and coming. Sometimes I find them and give them a comfortable place. I have marbles around the whole house. Near my TV I have some wonderful stuff, but there's poo so I just clean it as quick as I can. Sometimes they run away from my brother because he is tall. I am not afraid of the rats."

"I sleep on the floor. I am watching my baby brother so he doesn't fall out of bed. I cook his food. My mum is not lazy she is just teaching me. I like sleeping on the floor anyway. I made the rice for us, and if my mum goes out I change my brother's nappy."

Shoebox Living was an amazing exhibit created by 125 children aged 8-10 from a school in Peckham, one of London's most deprived areas. The children were given shoeboxes and tools to recreate rooms from their homes and write a description of the room, which gives intense insight into the vulnerable lives of the youth. A follow up exhibition and auction called Shoebox Art involves artists recreating shoebox rooms from their childhood which are then auctioned with all proceeds going towards Kids Company who work directly with inner city youth.

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