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Palimpsest is a collective of artists, writers, editors, curators and designers, endeavoring to create nonstandard venues for the exhibition and distribution of media and art.

Palimpsest Magazine is a heterogeneous anthology of multiples: a magazine in a box. Each issue is comprised of print, audio, textile, video, etc., and tied together via theme and design. Palimpsest is an alternative medium for artists and writers to disseminate their ideas – one which celebrates the tactility of the object in favour of the flattening effect of traditional print and screen-based media. Each issue exists as a traveling exhibition, an experiential object.

I was so lucky to host my friends of Palimpsest after their exhibit opening The Workers Installing a Work at the Khyber on June 9th. The show runs until July 7th and includes work by Burghard, Willie Brisco, Craig Leonard, Bridget Moser, Robin Simpson and Jacqueline Lachance. I'll definitely be stopping downtown for another look, I think you should too. But in the meantime let's enjoy the online aspects of The Workers Installing a Work :

Craving a little interaction? 'Required Field is a free online service that provides digital visual matter in exchange for user determined data input'. Just fill in the blanks and you will eventually be sent a jpeg of the image your data comprised, the culmination of these images will be displayed at the Khyber.

The Library is an open call for the submission of PDF's pertaining to work and outsourcing in all of its forms, the call lasts the duration of the exhibit (July 7th) and all submissions are unedited/uncensored.

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