R is for Read

I know this is so 2010 of me, but I've been wanting to post about Patti Smith's Just Kids since I put it down before the new year. Prior to indulging in the book, I thought I was in for a very metaphoric and poetic autobiography, along the lines of her recent docmentary Dream of Life and her overall lyrical elaborations. But I was surprised to read a very straightforward recollection of her pre-fame existence in the art pockets of New York with photographer-to-be Robert Mapplethorpe.
It is an unpretentious tale of two people entering the classification of artist, and their individual struggles to figure out who they are exactly and what they should be doing in life which seems to unfurl organically for the reader, producing a "Que Sera Sera" effect that makes one feel optimistic. I always enjoy watching videos of Patti Smith, here are some pertaining to this novel, and here is a great npr interview Charity sent me, enjoy!

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