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After watching The Company of Strangers in the company of Brenna I declared that in a perfect world I would watch this movie everyday for the rest of my life. Much to my surprise, my wish came true, the dreamy film library at NFB.ca features this wonderful film directed by Cynthia Scott in 1990. This semi-documentary/semi-fiction film was created with a loosely written script that retained the plot and guided the storytelling of the women filmed.

The Company of Strangers opens with a bus bumping along a forest-lined road with 7 senior ladies impatiently awaiting their destination, an old cottage of Constance Garneau, who at 88 was the oldest of the bunch. Alas! The bus breaks down and the woman are stranded, they must fend for themselves, faced with a mortal challenge they preserver. Such a fire exists within these ladies even as their candles are burn low.
As the share apples and oranges, they also share insights and reflect on their lives, their real lives these are not actors! You (if you're like me) immediately admire every character, which was a treat because characters who deserve admiration are seldom seen in the mainstream.
Take a little time and watch this movie, and I will guarantee your life will improve!

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