I is for Interiors

When you get invited to a squirrels home you'd better take your camera, memory isn't enough to capture all the treasures they have collected for their den.
I call Maureen a squirrel, alas she is a woman, a lovely friend and the owner of Elsie's. Maureen bought this amazing house last year, it had a lot of character to begin with, and by adding beautiful wallpaper and her pick of the crop possessions she's made herself a cozy little home.

Maureen is a talented finder and decorator with a discerning eye, each element in her home is carefully picked and spaced wisely leaving this flea market frequenter's home without any sense of clutter. ( I cannot say the same about myself!) Every piece has a story to go along with it, when the granddaughter and grandmother figurine belonged to Maureen's grandmother it fell and broke into tiny pieces, which her grandfather painstakingly glued back together, and there's the miracle yard sale couch story which you'll have to ask Maureen about ;)

When you visit here is easy to feel like you are nestled in the trees surrounded by birds, foliage, sunshine and an extensive collection of teas! There's a perfect balance of earth and air within the walls, some rooms are light with shades of blue and yellow much like the view from tree limbs while other rooms are dark and cozy like the little dens carved into trunks, such a nice place to curl up!

Many thanks to Maureen! To see more photos of the beautiful home, you can visit my flickr.