F is for Fashion

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Intermediate Fashion Show at the NSCAD port campus! It was so great to see the designs and concepts of the emerging designers: Derrick Dixon, Alex Esparanza, Gillian Lake-Thompson, Ashley Daurie, Kandis Woods, Nathalie Dieras, Liz Dore, Laura Roy, Alison May Crozier, Gillian Hannah Berry, Amy Fournier, Anne Wunder, and Alysia Myette.

For such a small group there was no overlap in ideas each collection was exclusive of the next. Some were conceptually laden, expressing the ideas and ideals of designers in a very personal unique way, at no time did I attribute a design to a higher fashion power. Others had fabric in the forefront, highlighting the organic nature of fabric and manipulating it into a wearable design that pays homage to the aforementioned nature.

Though I'm not the best fashion photographer I've put together a bit of a collage of some of the evenings looks (actually a collage of a collage ...I was having technical difficulties please excuse : ) I'm looking forward to future shows and hopefully by the I'll figure out how to take digital photos (red-eye nightmares!)

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  1. Yay! the photos are so cool Natalie. Happy you came to watch!