Y is for Yarn

photos courtesy of Chantal Tardiff

Knitting is not something one desires to do in the summer , in my imaginary thesaurus its a synonym for winter.

Chantal Tardiff's knitted installations do not try to convince you otherwise. Snowcapped mountains, red toque shelters, scarves and gloves working as a car wash, all remind us of the inevitable cold of Canadian winters and the warmth and comfort provided by two needles and a ball o' yarn.
Tardiff's latest installation Winter Wash is currently part of Eye Level Gallery and Centre for Art Tapes joint exhibition: I/O Electronic. The entire exhibition is worth a visit, but hurry, the closing reception is Thursday November 25th.
Winter Wash is a series of mechanized objects, an interactive curiosity that draws inspiration from the automatic car washes I remember so vividly from childhood. There’s a sentimentality associated with the car wash, and in combining the memory of these exciting, terrifying machines with iconographic elements of Canadian winters such as scarves and gloves, I hope to evoke a feeling of nostalgia and childlike wonder in the viewer.

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