B is for Black Dog

If I wanted to make myself cry when I was a kid, I would look at these photos.
They are of my folks and their first baby, Bruno.
Bruno died when I was 3, I have fond memories of hiding underneath the deck and sharing milk bones with him
"One for me, one for you."
The day he didn't eat his milk bone I knew he was sick so I told my worries to mom.
We all cried on the green furniture of the livingroom when dad came home from the vet, and though Bruno's death was devastating there we were, a family, united in the loss and love.


  1. i cried a little reading this. poor bruno. maybe he's up in doggie heaven chillin' with sasha. black dogs unite!

  2. I had black dog too.Her name was " Bal" She became part of my family when I was 2.She died when I was 18.I grew up with her!I couldn't go to school for few days after she past away.Black dogs unite :)

  3. Oh Natalie, you have hit a heart string. Bruno was a great dog and it was very difficult to say goodbye to him. I didn't think I would ever want another dog after Bruno.