T is for Tea

I was feeling down today so I bought myself a mini lemon meringue pie and made a mini pot of my Feel Well Balanced tea from the PEI Tea Company (aka The PEI Preserve Company).
Every summer when I visit home I go to the Preserve Company and buy lots of teas, Feel Well Balanced was my favorite from last year. Not only did I pretend it brought balance (just like I pretend Lady Grey gives extra woman strength) but it's chamomile/vanilla flavor just tasted so good.
This year, though, it seems they have added a fair bit of fennel seeds to their blend throwing off the balance I so loved and making it just taste like liquorice. I still bought some (and three other blends) because Michael likes liquorice, but I really wished they had changed the name along with the ingredients.
Luckily I had some of last years stock left to lighten my mood this afternoon :)

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