P is for Poem

White Rabbit
I can make magic with my hands.
I can't tell you about it
Cause it just sounds bad
But I started showing some of the guys.
Neil first, he asked me if I knew any tricks
So I told him to meet me in the woods
And I showed it to him.
He was more surprised then I expected.
Neil told Josh, Shawn and Joel
So one by one I took them into the woods
And showed them.
They were all just as surprised
And they said I should keep practicing
So now we go into the woods regularly
And they all say I'm improving.
There's even talk about starting a club
And meeting in Joel's basement Tuesdays
While his mom is at her meeting.

This was a poem that did not get accepted in the last Her Royal Majesty quarterly art and literary online publication. Maybe you'll have better luck with the next deadline August 25th ... the theme is language.

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