H is for Happiness

For a long time now, blogs have made me happy. So I decided to make this one and it makes me happy!
Here are a few links to blogs I enjoy and why I enjoy them.

Intelligent Clashing is eye candy at its tastiest, photo links of color pattern and chaos are scrapbooked together for a visual party.

ungtblod is the diary and inspiry of a Danish lady who has a great love of triangles and pizza, not only are her posts colorful and indulging her sidebar of other blog and web sites links is an entertainment warp zone.

all the mountains... has great taste and posts about other peoples great taste.
Hers is a mix of art, fashion and design with many wonderful links.

You see there are 2 kinds of blogs (at least , you could easily argue more) ones that post about their own lives and ones that post about other peoples lives. I am going to try to take more photos and post about my surroundings but I either don't take nice photos or Michael's camera doesn't take nice photos...regardless you will be seeing some ugly photos of my life in the future :)

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