F is for Fashion

Karin Öst was my blind date in Sweden , we met on the internet and our first date was thrift shopping! It was a match made in second-hand heaven! Karin took me under her wing for the rest of my stay in Jönköping and with her wonderful roommate Elin we had endless fun drinking enormous cups of tea, watching movies, cooking great food (Karin makes the best scones and waffles) shopping, knitting and drinking homemade wine (after which we gave each other haircuts...oh my!) I will never forget the good times we shared and I can always check in with Karin on her great blog. The blog is an extension of her online shop, called Lily of the Valley, where she sells the most amazing vintage and handmade clothing and accessories.

I sent Karin some questions back in April, about the shop and what she was reading (she's probably read a dozen books since):

When and why did you begin your shop?
I started up the shop about five years ago because I didn't want to do anything else!

What inspires your fashion?
I really don't know, I don't look at much fashion or think about it in general, at least not anymore. I read a few vintage blogs and that's pretty much it. I don't read fashion magazines or the like, in fact I avoid knowing most things about clothing or such now that I think about it. I like weirdness and vintage, I only buy second hand and I like strange patterned tights. And comfortable shoes, and to overdo things, and colours.

What are you reading?
Right now I am reading a few books at the same time. I just finished Wetlands by Charlotte Roche a few minutes ago, and I am reading one about alienation and segregation in swedish society; called Alienation is my nation. And I am reading Imre Kertész Fateless, one called Democracy and it's critics by Robert A. Dahl for school and one called The Ecological Imperialism by Alfred W Crosby for fun (or well, not too fun reading, but for interest)... so a lot at the same time I guess, and kinda diverse too.

There are really so may more questions I would like to ask Karin, but I want to fly to Gothenburg and ask them properly face-to-face. Someday... until then..puss puss xox


  1. ooooh! i read wetlands! it was titalating!

  2. and by titalating, i mean titillating!

  3. You'll have to come back here!