C is for Collaboration

Elisabeth Dunker, of my favorite blog Fine Little Day, is collaborating again, this time with her 8 year old son Otto. The pair transform Otto's drawings into amazing wallpaper. Here is info on Otto from the Fine Little Day website:
Name: Otto
Age: 8
Family: Sister Tovalisa, mother Elisabeth, father Dennis, the cat Hiro and
a rat named Lilly.
Lives: In Gothenburg, Sweden.
Interests: I’m a drummer, I like to drum. And to do karate with my best friend Konrad.
Please tell us how it is that you design wallpapers : I like to draw a lot. I don’t think I’m so good at it, but my mother does. When I look at the wall with my ships on, I like that they are so many.
*all images belong to Elisabeth and Otto Dunker

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