V is for Virtuoso??

Warning:This is a rant:
I just got home from a visit to PEI. My intentions are always to have a relaxing time in the country and not worry too much , and I did have a bit of that, but in addition I found myself in front of the television worrying for humanity after seeing 'what's new' on the Much Music video station. Maybe I'm just getting old but I was appalled by the visual messages being portrayed to the younger generation, I had horrible HORRIBLE Gaga nightmares. Sure the entertainment and music industry has always been a shocking one exploiting and promoting sexuality, violence what one can do with their hips, I've seen a lot in my days so I really felt shocked that I was shocked.
I didn't see any artistic merit in any of the videos that I watched over the 5 days.... at all I can't recall one detail (shame on you directors), every voice was distorted with synthesizers that even my Mother could point out, there were no dance moves I wanted to record and rewind over and over until I had mastered them (my old Much Music hobby) and the lyrics made me want to slit my wrists and rightfully so because the majority of songs I heard were about feeling crazy or were just so completely stupid and shallow.
It made me angry, it made me want to be an activist that demonstrates against the unethical social practices of the music industry, is anyone else with me?!
Luckily in the broader picture there are some great bands and musicians that are getting signed by bigger labels and they are collaborating on some pretty amazing videos which I've been viewing on the internet, I was just slapped in the face when I watched the television and felt yucky. I like this juxtaposition of Grammy winners for best new artist a lot happened in 10 years...

And here is another Fiona treat as I am now reminiscing about the days I felt inspired watching Much Music.


  1. whoa. it is really crazy that you posted these videos. i stayed up all wednesday night watching old fiona videos (i had no idea there were so many - seeing as she was rarely played on much or mtv). not about love is one of my favorite videos and i was going to post it on my blog but you beat me to it. i also LOVE paper bag (directed by pt anderson!).

    i also remember watching her accept that award and immediately thinking, this girl is AWESOME. instant love after that.

    (we are so working on another level...)

  2. Loved your rant! Signed:Even your mother...