N is for Nan

Here is another video project from last Fall's Introductory Video class at NSCAD. The initial idea was to do a remake video of past work from a chosen video artist. Wendy Geller had been a BFA student at NSCAD and while there in 1982 made a great video called 48 Hour Beauty Blitz, where she locked herself inside for the weekend to follow a ridiculous beauty regime laid out in the pages of Glamour magazine. The routine of:eat blended food-workout-do your hair/nails/face is interjected with a feminist soliloquy of the congruence of identity and appearance.

I had initially planned to lock myself inside and do some silly beauty routine or as Gwenyth Paltrow calls it "nourishing the inner aspect", but then our class watched The 5 Obstructions and we too were given obstructions pertaining to the making of our video. My obstructions were : 1. no women can be seen 2. have to shoot from the inside out 3. there has to be a lot of eating.

So this is the result. I wanted to make it look like the VHS format Wendy had used and I recorded the audio from her 45 minute video then chose clips (some choppy) to overlap with the diegetic sounds recorded on North St. It's the story of the guy who gets locked out when Wendy locks herself in Alex was/is the best!

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