K is for Kitchen

This little yogurt face appeared outta nowhere and so I had to take a photo of it, honest to Oprah, I am not one to brag about staged food face photos. But besides the adorable face with that cute little walnut ear this is a special yogurt concoction because it is my attempt not to drop $3.99 everyday on super tasty full fat Liberte Mediterranee Coconut yogurt. I just mix some plain 2% yogurt with unsweetened coconut (from the Grainery!) , flax oil, walnuts, raisins and a bit o' honey. It is better for the morning I will save Liberte Mediterranee for dessert!

Yesterday was my first successful attempt at two things: 1) working with yeast 2) making pizza dough with said yeast concoction. I was a bit worried as I sat at work with my dough rising in the fridge but I had faith in the recipe from my pretend good friend, Deb, at Smitten Kitchen. She's a foodie who's opinion you can trust, like that best friend who tells you the dress is too tight when everyone else says it fits like a glove!
I made the dough in the morning, let it rise in the fridge for 8 hours while I worked, came home around 6pm punched the air outta the dough and left it rise for 20 more minutes as I blended a tomato concoction of 1 can whole tomatoes, a small handful of sundried, some onion and some garlic with thyme and a pinch o' sugar. I let the tomato sauce cook as I sprinkled cornmeal( also from The Grainery ) on my baking sheet and laid down the first crust which I topped with red pepper, caramelized onions and mozza and then the second pizza had portobellos. olives, basil and mozza...both were very tasty and served alongside three salads: a chickpea , a greens and a potato salad by Susanna. Best of all I managed to hide a slice for today's lunch!


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  2. Your little yogurt face is adorable and the pizza sounds amazing! Can we make one when you come home?