Q is for Quirky

I came home from grade school once and told my mother how people thought I was weird. She told me that I wasn't weird at all, I was just quirky. Empowered by my quirkiness I, to this day, strive to do things my grade school classmates would scrunch their noses about.

Holey Sheet Bags would be one of those things.

Back in the early 2000's I was making more money then I am now and was spending it all on fabric at thrift stores. Soon I came to find I had quite a collection of Star Wars and other nostalgic bedsheets hiding in piles under the bed and then I had a dream, to turn all those sheets into tote bags.

Its seven years later and I have way too many bedsheets...I still make Holey Sheet Bags but not with the fervor of a young twenty year old, now I just want to get rid of the fabric so I can concentrate on other sewing projects.
So sadly but hopefully this will be the last year for Holey Sheet Bags.

If you would like to purchase a Holey Sheet Bag you visit Green Man Vintage and Vinyl , 48 University Ave. Charlottetown PEI.
Or visit me at Lost & Found 2383 Agricola St. Halifax.
Also you can email holeysheetbags@gmail.com for info on what fabric i have available and I can ship them to you!

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